Filipino President Duterte Announces Plans, He Wants Senate Seat

Filipino President Rodrigo Duterte wants to be elected senator after his presidency. His lawyer filed the application just before the deadline expired, reports AP news agency.

Last weekend, it seemed that he might be competing with his daughter for the vice president. Dutertes spokesperson said today that father and daughter will certainly not compete against each other. โ€œThey will never face each other. They will never fight each other for any position.โ€

Last month, Duterte announced that it would be completely out of politics. The 76-year-old Duterte is still president until next June. According to the Constitution, he can no longer start a new term of six years after that. So for a moment it seemed that he wanted to continue as vice president, but that previously led to criticism from his political opponents.

International Criminal Court

Duterte is known for his hard approach to drug crime in his country. Thousands of people were killed in his fight against drug criminals. His harsh approach led to the judicial executions of people, who were sometimes only accused of drug use. The International Criminal Court in The Hague is investigating possible crimes against humanity. Duterte said that he did not participate in that investigation earlier.

When a confidant of Duterte becomes president, he can be protected from persecution, critics expect. โ€œDutertes throwing at a senate seat is yet another attempt by a tyrant to evade his liability,โ€ says Cristina Palabay of Karapatan, a left-hand partnership of human rights groups. โ€œIts as sinister, opportunistic and underhanded as his daughter and allies attempts to participate in the 2022 elections.โ€

Dutertes right-hand man, Senator Christopher Bong Go, has been elected as president. Among other things, he takes on Ferdinand Marcos Jr., the son of the former dictator. Duterte-Carpio, the presidents daughter, has been appointed as the preferred partner of Marcos.

But in the Philippines, the Vice President is elected separately from the President. So it can happen that those are from completely opposite parties. Next May, it will be clear what the new government will look like. Participants in the presidential elections include former boxing champion Manny Pacquiao and current Vice President Leni Robredo.