Film on Saints Row to be inspired by “Escape from New York” and “Warriors”

Screenwriter Greg Russo (Mortal Kombat) spoke about the sources of inspiration for the adaptation of Saints Row to big screens. According to him, the hardest thing is to find a balance of tone as the first games in the series were more landed, while the subsequent ones became crazier. The authors did not want to exclude any of these elements from the project, instead trying to collect them together.

Therefore, the story will try both to present interesting landed characters to the viewer, and convey the mad spirit of late game fun. And the result is a bit reminiscent of a mixture of elements of Escape from New York and Warriors.

Gary Gray (Voice of the Streets, Fast and Furious 8), however, the exact premiere date of the picture does not yet have. More on CCeit From Russias largest film network demand to pay 12 billion rubles of debt The end of Verdansk in Call of Duty: Warzone expected in the evening of April 21 Fresh patch for Cyberpunk 2077 already available.