Filming of “John Wick 4 should start as early as this year

Ian McShane, who plays hotel owner Winston in John Wick, revealed that filming for the fourth part is due to begin this year. As he exchanged New Year‘s greetings with Keanu Reeves, the actor said, they both expressed hope they would soon see themselves on the set. From McShane’s point of view, production of the painting is sure to start in 2021.

But with the fifth part of the matter is more vague – earlier Lionsgate studio reported that it will be filmed in parallel with the fourth, but McShane is not sure that the plan will remain the same. According to him, studios are constantly announcing various initiatives, but it can still change — especially given the shift in schedule due to the pandemic.

The premiere of the fourth film has so far been scheduled for May 27, 2022. More on CCeit Death Stranding sales have become record, and in San Diego can do a new Uncharted media: in Russia video cards by thousands take from suppliers – they do not reach HITMAN 3 stores: you will not have to buy previous parts again on PC.