Final agreement on compensation Ever Given, ship may sail again Wednesday

The owners and insurers of the container ship the Ever Given, which jammed in the Suez Canal in March and blocked the passage for six days, have reached a final agreement on compensation. The Egyptian authorities had chained the ship because of the absence of compensation.

The owner of the Suez Canal, the Egyptian state-owned Suez Canal Authority, says that the blockade of the Ever Given is being lifted as an agreement has been reached. According to the Channel Authority, the ship will be able to sail again next Wednesday, if the agreement is signed. A provisional agreement had already been reached at the end of June.


is nothing about the details of the agreement due to a confidentiality agreement. Previously, the Suez Canal Authority demanded nearly โ‚ฌ800 million in compensation due to the cost of returning the ship, reputational damage and loss of revenue. Later, that amount was reduced to some 460 million euros.

Big Issues

The crash of the ship, which was on its way to Rotterdam, led to major problems worldwide. Hundreds of ships had to wait in the canal until the ship was straightened. Other ships took a much longer route, via Cape of Good Hope. After six days, the ship was unleashed, involving the Dutch dredging company Boskalis.

Dutch entrepreneurs were also affected, but were also affected by the chain of the ship. At the end of May, hundreds of entrepreneurs were still waiting for goods aboard the Ever Given, such as outdoor furniture, agendas, medicine raw materials and solar panels.

Boskaliss top man told how the ship was loosened earlier: