Final episode of “Falcon and Winter Soldier” aired on Disney+

Disney+ premiered the final episode of Falcon and the Winter Soldier — Marvel Studios second series after VandaVijn. At the moment, the score of the episode on IMDb is 8. 7 points out of 10 – it has, however, managed to be estimated by a little more than a thousand people.

In relation to the rating, the series is inferior only to the fourth, because that now has 8. 9 points according to the estimate of 10 thousand people.

By the way, the script of the third and the fourth series was responsible for the author of John Wick Derek Kolstad. On average, the lowest rated and left the first episode – 7.

8 points. However, the overall score of the series is just below VandaVizhn — 7.

9 versus 8. 1 for the latter.

On other platforms, the situation is somewhat different: the season has a score of 74 from critics on Metacritic (based on 28 reviews), while the viewer score is 6. 3 points (188 reviews).

On Rotten Tomatoes — 84% from professional reviewers and 74% from the regular audience. On KinoSearch the project now has 7 points based on 7 thousand ratings.

Whether the series will have a second season – not yet reported, although previously there were hints that this is quite possible. More on CCeit Review of the film Wrath of Man.

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