‘Final examinations continue, students may not pass extra insufficient’

This years central exam will continue. Sources report that to De Cceit. However, there will be a substantial easing: an exam candidate who still has an insufficient excess after re-chances has still passed.

This puts an end to the soebating over the exams, which seemed to be in doubt due to the school closure and the lockdown. Minister Slob (education) clarifies: the exams will pass for all candidates.

Extra money

There will be more support for students with disabilities. Extra money needs to be made available for this. This will be discussed by Slob during the Council of Ministers on Friday. Friday afternoon, he officially announces the examination decision.

Previously, Minister Slob met the exam candidates by giving more time to take exams. Also, the second period in June, when normally only re-chances are taken, can now be used to take examinations. Thus, students have longer time to prepare for the subjects. They also get additional re-chances.

But if, despite the re-chances, a pupil still has an insufficient excess, he still succeeded.

In this way, the Minister wants to ensure that border cases can still be flagged.