‘Final exams in current form untenable’

The minister has to look again at the agreements on the final exams. That is what the Landelijke Aktie Komitee Schoolieren (LAKS) and the VO-council, the dome for secondary schools. LAKS sees that the sharpening of corona measures does not allow pupils to prepare for the exams well and expects much fewer students to pass this year. They call the exams as they are now planned untenable.

Last week it was announced that exam students, who are still allowed to go to school, have to keep 1.5 meters away. LAKS notices that education is deteriorating as a result. โ€œIn practice, this means that classes no longer fit in their entirety in a classroom and will therefore only receive about half lessons with the same number of teachers.โ€

In December, all educational organizations had already consulted on the final exams. The minister then decided that there will be more time for the exams and that pupils will receive additional re-chances. It was agreed that after the spring break we would look again if this was enough, but the LAKS and the VOC Council want Minister Slob to look at it now.

‘Final exam only for central subjects

LAKS sees a possible option in letting students take exam only in core subjects. This means that the subjects Dutch, English and mathematics are taken centrally, and the rest of the subjects through school exams. โ€œThen you can make a targeted update and candidates and further education know where they stand. The time and teachers are missing to do everything.โ€

The VO Council is not yet speaking out on what the exams should look like. However, the dome emphasises that it is important for Minister Slob to look at it quickly. โ€œMore students are at risk of falling at the final exam this year, and schools need clarity. Only after the spring break to see if the appointments are still appropriate, that is too late.โ€