Final Fantasy author unveils new JRPG โ€” Fantasians first details

Hironobu Sakaguchi, best known as the creator of Final Fantasy, introduced his next game, Fantasian. It is a Japanese role-playing game in which developers try to partially reinvent the genre. Lets go in order: the game is made with the help of 150 artists who manually created more than 150 dioramas, on top of which three-dimensional models of heroes are already displayed.

The project team tried to recreate a unique sense of charm and warmth by making the surroundings โ€œminiatureโ€. But the most interesting was the reinvention of random battles – in classic JRPGs when traveling periodically began battles with monsters.

In Fantasian, such battles can be. .

. postponed: the hero will send monsters to an alternative dimension (Dimengeon).

Later there you can break in and destroy all enemies in one battle. The problem of random battles was not complexity, but in bothersome – the fights themselves were quite easily, because of which they quickly became monotonous.

Fantasians decision is intriguing. Gameplay TrailerIn the rest of the game is quite a standard representative of the genre – even, to be exact, it is strongly inspired by Final Fantasy VI.

As Sakaguchi admits, a few years ago he and colleagues launched the sixth part, which prompted him to create Fantasian. StoryThe main character Leo goes in search of his father, but after the incident finds himself in an alternative dimension – โ€œMachine Kingdomโ€remembering only the girl Keene, which could bring him back to โ€œThe Human Realmโ€.

Players have to go on a journey to regain their memory, simultaneously revealing the mystery of a mystical infection that engulfs humanity. StoryTrailerMore is one pleasant surprise: the composer Fantasian performs Nobuo Uematsu, who has worked on the music of all Final Fantasy numbering except XIII and XV, Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon.

The game will be released this year, but only on Mac and iOS through Apples Arcade service. Presumably shell be out on consoles and PC next year.

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