Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade to become PS5 exclusive until at least December 10

Square Enix released the release trailer of Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade โ€” an extended version of last years remake of the seventh โ€œFinalsโ€ for PS5, whose release will take place on June 10 . However, those who have not had time to get acquainted with the original and want to go through additional chapters with minimal spoilers, we advise you to refrain from watching – the video consists entirely of spoilers. At the end of the video, details of the exclusivity of the project are also revealed โ€” it will be available on the PS5 for โ€œat leastโ€ six months, that is until December 10.

Earlier it was reported that the remake of Final Fantasy VII will first be released on PS4, and the contract for exclusivity will end 12 months after the release – however, even after that the publisher is not in a hurry share plans for the release of the game on other platforms. More on Gamomania Animal Crossing and StarCraft hit the Video Game Hall of Fame Fresh clip of Morgenstern became a War Thunder advert In development may be a new Borderlands spin-off.