Final Fantasy VII remake will get full PS5 support only to the second part

In an interview with Famitsu, the creative head of Final Fantasy VII remake Tetsuya Nomura (previously he left the post of co-leader of the project) said that the game will receive full support of features PlayStation 5 only to the second part. At the recent State of Play, Square Enix announced a reissue of Final Fantasy VII remake for PS5 and an episode with Yuffie, which will only be available on the console of a new generation. Later it became known that in March PS Plus subscribers will receive a remake of Final Fantasy VII only for PS4.

nomura noted that in the nextgen version of the remake of players waiting for 4K resolution support at 60 frames in second, improved lighting and textures, and new effects including fog. However, other features of the PS5, such as the DualSense controller, are used in part.

According to Nomura, there are several elements in the game that use adaptive triggers, however complete The use of various PS5 features players will have to wait until the next part. Also Nomura said that the photo mode of Final Fantasy VII will be different from the photo mode Kingdom Hearts 3 Re Mind.

For example, players will not be able to change the postures or emotions of characters. But the photo mode can be used from the beginning of the game.

Recall that in addition to the reissue of Final Fantasy VII for PS5, Square Enix has announced two mobile games at once: a complete remake of Final Fantasy VII for PS5 Fantasy VII for iOS and Android and Final Fantasy VII battle royal: The First Soldier. More on CCeit Famitsu Dengeki Game Awards 2020 Media Nominees Announced: Microsoft Tests 1080p Resolution for XCloud Gaming XCloud Revenue Eternal DOOM amounted to 450 million dollars for the first 9 months.