Finally, some air for Kuyt and ADO: ‘We won deserved’

Dirk Kuyt is happy and proud of the players of ADO Den Haag after the 1-2 victory over the leader PEC Zwolle. As a result, Kuyt and co. get some air again.
ADO did not start the season well, but this looked good. โ€œThey gave their all and showed good behavior after the unfortunate 1-0, and now we have to keep building. We have so many qualities. I said before the game that I never had the feeling that we had been lost, except for Heracles. In the other games, we were either better or it was just ourselves. People can say โ€œlucky,โ€ but I think weve earned a win,โ€ Kuyt tells ESPN.
โ€œWe were on the field like men today,โ€ Kuyt continues at Omroep West. โ€œWe played the entire game based on our basic principles with courage and guts, as well as our qualities. We did that very well.โ€
โ€œHopefully, the points will provide a little more rest, which will reduce the pressure. Because pressure is our biggest enemy. Today we showed that we can make it difficult for every team in the first division. That does not mean that you always win everything, but we have proven that we are a good team. The fact that we defended like animals makes me and I think the ADO fans very proud.โ€

๐ŸŽฅ โ€œI also needed this for a while,โ€ says ADO striker Thomas Verheydt about his hit in the 1-2 won match by the leader PEC Zwolle. #pecado
โ€” Omroep West Sport (@OmroepWestSport) September 16, 2022