Finally: “That is also a quality of Roma and of Mourinho teams”

The pain can be felt with the players of Feyenoord and also with head coach Arne Slot. He resents like a plug after the lost final against AS Roma.
He had to watch the smarter Roma beat Feyenoord. Disappointed? I won‘t be alone. This is a huge disappointment, says Slot at Veronica. When you see how we were supported, you would have liked to give those people an award. I think they did everything they could. It hasn’t always bothered us this season, we didn‘t succeed today.
According to Slot, his players did not suffer from tension. I thought that was a bit easy. We started well and took the initiative. We were better in the game than Roma in the opening phase, but they made a goal out of the only chance. That is also a quality of Roma and Mourinho teams. Then you’
re going after the facts.
Feyenoord was not completely out of chance, says Slot. In the second half, we had a few really good moments, then it‘s been fine. We tried everything we could, but it wasn’t enough.
Afterwards, Slot complained at the arbitration. I wondered how they got to those five minutes. If you‘re 1-0 behind, that’s obviously too little, he jokes. Dan seriously: I asked if she would do me a favor to get the game back. There hasn‘t been football for a long time. There were many VAR moments and turnouts for half a minute, which now lasted a little longer. You still had some time frames from the goalkeeper. I had hoped for some extra time, but that’s going to be far too long now.