Financial Times: China conducted hypersonic missile test

China has recently conducted a test with a hypersonic missile that opens up new possibilities in the nuclear field. That‘s what business newspaper reports the Financial Times based on insiders. According to the report, Beijing conducted the test in secret in August. The rocket would have flown into orbit around the Earth before it descended to its target. According to sources, the rocket finally landed 32 kilometers away from this target.

Hypersonic missiles can be used to deliver nuclear weapons and go five times faster than the sound. Unlike ballistic missiles, hypersonic missiles fly in orbits low in the atmosphere, potentially allowing them to reach their goal faster.

The United States would have been surprised by China’s progress in hypersonic weapons. In addition to China, the US is also working on the development of hypersonic technology. Russia and at least five other countries are also working on this technology. For now, however, countries are less able to defend against the hypersonic missiles than other missiles.

The Pentagon, the U.S. Department of Defense, has not yet responded to the Financial Times message.