Financial Times: Inter must by coronacrisis suddenly look for 167 million

The coronacrisis has been severed by Internazionale, which has been in Chinese hands for several years. According to The Financial Times, Suning Holding hopes to rake a sum of approximately 167 million euros in the short term for emergencies.

In recent years, Inter has made ferocious attempts to knock Juventus off the Serie A throne and won expensive players such as Romelu Lukaku, Christian Eriksen, Achraf Hakimi and Nicolò Barella. However, following the outbreak of the coronavirus, revenues fell sharply at the Nerazzurri. Turnover for the 2018/2019 season still amounted to more than 364 million euros, but fell to 291.5 million last season. Inter eventually had to record EUR 102 million in losses.
According to the Financial Times, the current number two of Serie A now needs to quickly seek outside help. The Chinese Suning Group has been advised by Goldman Sachs Bank in the field of fundraising. Most likely, by issuing shares, they will look for additional investors, so that the costly household of the club can continue to be funded.
The story of Inter is not on its own. The twenty richest clubs in Europe ran two billion last season (!) euro of income is missing.