Finnish Skabma adventure: Snowfall goes to PC in early 2022

A small Finnish independent studio, Red Stage Entertainment, made up of actually three people, found a publisher for its debut game, the platform adventure action film Skabma: Snowfall. PID Games, the indie division of Plug In Digital, will release it on RS in Q1 2022. The world and Skรกbma โ€” Snowfall story are based on the mythology of Europe‘s last indigenous people, Sami, and Scandinavian legends.

The protagonist, a young reindeer herder, goes in search of an escaped venison, but finds an ancient enchanted drum of Sami healers. With the help of a drum, the boy can save his compatriots, animals and the land itself from a strange disease.

But to do so, he needs to find four guardian spiritsโ€”an owl, bear, trout and foxโ€”and reconnect with nature. Guardian Spirits have special skills and skills, and by enlisting them support, we will be able to deal with more difficult trials.

But on the way we find ancient family treasures, learn Sami betrayals and read outsidersโ€ notes on Sami culture. More on Playromania Midautumn’s Bagalik brought out PUBG creator‘s Kickstarter Prologue โ€” more technodemic than regular game Disgaea’s Game Circulation exceeded 5 million.