Fiona now severe storm, hits east coast Canada

Hurricane Fiona, which has since scaled down to a severe storm, has reached Canada‘s east coast. The severe weather has left half a million households in the provinces of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island without power.

With wind speeds of up to almost 140 kilometers per hour and heavy rainfall, Fiona still causes a lot of inconvenience. Canadian media reports that trees and electricity towers have fallen.

The authorities have ordered residents of the affected provinces to shelter from the severe weather. There are warnings about floods and extremely high waves. The Meteorological Service expects the storm to weaken only tomorrow.

The country’s two major airlines have suspended flights to and from eastern Canada. Prime Minister Trudeau was due to fly to Japan on Saturday but has postponed his trip. He goes there to attend the state funeral of his former colleague Shinzo Abe.

Deaths in the Caribbean

Fiona raged across the Caribbean with hurricane force last week. On the French Caribbean island of Guadeloupe, a man was found dead after his home was wiped out by floods.

Puerto Rico was almost completely in the dark. Four deaths from the hurricane were killed on the island, and another three deaths are being investigated.

Hurricane Fiona continued a path across the east of the Dominican Republic, across the Turks and Caicos Islands, and along the island of Bermuda. There were no fatalities there, although many islanders experienced power outages.