Fire in Moria again, homeless children are allowed to go to the Netherlands

For the second time in a short time a fire has broken out in the Greek refugee camp Moria. Residents fled the camp. Many of them want to go to Athens, the capital of Greece. But its still unclear if thats possible.

Yesterday there was also a big fire in Moria. Even then, almost the entire camp went up in flames. The new fire burned down a piece that was still standing.

Dutch aid

The fire left 3500 people homeless. A number of children and teenagers who lived in the camp without parents were taken to the mainland. The Dutch government has decided that one hundred refugees are allowed to come to the Netherlands. These are children and others who need the help most.

Greek politicians think that the refugees set fire to the camp themselves, because they dont want to live there anymore. Whether this is the case is still being investigated.

Yesterday we spoke with Jawad. He lived in Moria and saw the fire happen.