‘Fire in theatre in Rotterdam Plaswijckpark’

The fire in the Rotterdam amusement park Plaswijckpark was probably lit. Police are investigating a video circulating online showing that a fire is being set at a building that is suspected to be the theatre that went up in flames on Wednesday night. Thats what the security region reports.

The fire broke out in the course of the evening. Through the thatched roof of the building, the fire quickly grabbed around it. Also a lot of smoke was released and there was odour nuisance. The fire brigade soon reported that the building was impossible to save and tried to fight the fire that came from the fire. Around 9:30 the fire was under control.

According to a firefighter, as far as we know, there were no people in the building. Plaswijckpark is an indoor and outdoor playground located in the north of Rotterdam, in Hillegersberg.


On social media, videos circulate that would show that the fire was set by ripping young people. A police spokesman confirms that he saw the footage and took it with him in the investigation. Vincent Karremans, group chairman of the VVD Rotterdam, will ask for clarification from Mayor Aboutaleb, he reports on Twitter. , โ€œIf that is true, it is not only deep and deep sad, but also the perpetrators must be traced as quickly as possible.โ€

Reaction team Plaswijckpark

The Plaswijckpark team tells us in a comment on Facebook that luckily there were no injuries in the fire, which caused a lot of damage in the theatre building, in which the restaurant is also located. The same applies to the animals that were present in the park, such as alpacas, otters and owls. โ€œThey have been brought to safety. At the moment, the emergency services are doing everything they can to put out the fire as quickly as possible and to deal with the situation as best as possible.โ€

The employees report to come up with an update later if there is more clear about the exact damage. โ€œFor now we want to thank everyone very much for all the sweet messages and expressions of support.โ€

Collection actions

Wednesday evening several fundraising actions have been started. At one, started by Rozemarijn Moonen, more than 25.000 euros have been collected a few hours after the fire. With a second fundraiser, started by JCI Rotterdam, the target amount is: โ€œWhether you give 1 euro or 500 euro, we are all there!โ€