Fire letter attorneys about assisting surcharge parents: We dont know anything at all

A group of lawyers for duped parents in the surcharge affair sent a letter of fire to the House of Representatives. In the letter sent shortly before the Chamber debate on the surcharge affair last night, 220 lawyers write that they are unable to do their job properly because they run into โ€œnumerous problems and hurdlesโ€.

This puts the assistance under pressure. For example, they often have to wait a long time before receiving their clients‘ file, which often turns out to be incomplete or partially censored.

โ€œWe want to know what is happening, even if things are slow,โ€ said attorney Else Weijsenfeld, one of the signatories to the fire letter, inCCeit With the Eye on Tomorrow.

โ€œIn any case, we can see what the Performance Organisation Recovery Fees (UHT, part of the Tax Office, set up for settlement of the payment affair, ed.) sees and what they are doing. They look into files and apparently see reasons to reject applications. But we don’t get those pieces.โ€

Without a file, Weijsenfeld simply cannot do her job, she says, while the duped are in frequent distress. Weijsenfeld: โ€œI have been a lawyer for fifteen years and whenever I object, I get the file right away. You‘ll discuss them with the client. Then you can also see that someone might not be entitled to something. Because that may be the case, but we don’t know that right now. We don‘t know anything.โ€

In addition, Weijsenfeld rarely gets a response soon when she knocks at the UHT. โ€œOr there will be no response at all,โ€ she says. โ€œWe as lawyers also don’t have a special input that allows us to communicate faster, so we can actually give clients something, so they think, ‘I have a lawyer and I have something to do with that ‘. Just like the citizen, we stand by and look at it.โ€

Conversation ASsoon as possible

The lawyers therefore call for a fixed point of contact with the Tax Authorities in the fire letter to be helped more quickly. They also want additional guidance from damage experts to determine the amount of damage.

The Dutch Bar Association (nova) shares the concerns and works with the lawyers on a proposal for a faster work process. โ€œAs soon as possible,โ€ the order โ€œwants to offer an improvement proposal to demissionary Secretary of State Alexandra van Huffelen (Surcharges), says a NOVA spokesperson to news agency ANP.