Fire on container ship off the coast of Sri Lanka for days

Off the coast of Sri Lanka, a container ship has been on fire for six days. Presumably the fire was caused by chemicals on board the ship, the MV X-Press Pearl. At that time, it was waiting to enter the port of the Sri Lankan capital Colombo.

The fire brigade of the country in South Asia cannot control the fire, and aid from India has not yet led to the extinguishing of the fire. On images from the sky, thick black smoke can be seen. Explosions have also been heard.

The ship was transporting 1486 containers. According to the local environmental protection agency MEPA, several containers have fallen off board and sunk. Vessels containing the chemical nitric acid have also caught fire.

On board the ship were 25 crew members, including Philippines, Chinese, Indians and Russians. Theyre off board. The operator of the ship, X-Press Feeders, has extracted resources from Europe to control the fire and says he is involved in extinguishing the fire.

Oil and containers have now washed ashore on land: