Fire on oil tanker off Syrian coast, possibly after drone attack

The Syrian Ministry of Oil says that firefighters put out a fire on an oil tanker in the Mediterranean. The fire would have arisen after a drone attack from Lebanese waters.

At that time, the tanker lay or sailed close to the Syrian city of Baniyas, where there is an oil refinery. Whether there are any casualties aboard the tanker is unclear.

Iran and Israel

The tanker may be from Iran. That‘s what an Iranian television station says and a Syrian human rights group in London. An Iranian news agency denies it’s an Iranian tanker.

The Jerusalem Post quotes a pro-Syrian TV station that says Israel attacked the tanker.

Israel and Iran seem to be waging a secret war at sea. Early this month, The New York Times heard from an American source that Israel had damaged an Iranian ship in the Red Sea. It would be retaliation for recent attacks on Israeli ships, presumably carried out by Iran.