Fire Tonights storyline puzzle is released on August 12

Canadian studio Reptoid Games and publishing house Way Down Deep have named the release date as their small puzzle Fire Tonight. The game is released on RS and Nintendo Switch on August 12. The idea of the game is simple: on the yard of the 1990s, so far not common mobile phones and few people know about the Internet.

So Maya and Delvin communicate on the usual city phone. .

. until the communication is clipped.

The thing is that this night in the city is a disaster, he is all engulfed in a fire. But Maya is not going to sit and wait for rescuers to cope with the elements: she urgently needs to see Delvin! The girls path will lie through rooftops and police barricades, traffic jams and pockets of flames.

She will use cars, trains and even roller skates. And all so that we can think about how important it is to believe in each other, and how relationships arise.

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