Firebomb thrown to Russian consulate in Ukraine, Kremlin savage

An unknown perpetrator has thrown a Molotov cocktail to the Russian consulate in the western Ukrainian city of Lviv. No one was hurt in the process. The Ukrainian police say no damage has been done to the building and speaks of hooliganism.

The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs takes the case high and calls it a terrorist act. Moscow is demanding apologies from Ukraine and has summoned the Ukrainian delegate in Russia.

These would be images of the incident:

In a statement, the ministry writes that the incident is the result of โ€œRussophobic hysteriaโ€ and โ€œinciting hatred against Russia for yearsโ€.

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The incident comes at a time of high tensions between neighbouring countries. According to Ukrainian and American intelligence agencies, Russia is making plans to invade Ukraine in the short term. NATO boss Stoltenberg said earlier this week that the construction of Russian troops at the Ukrainian border is still continuing.

The Kremlin denies preparing an invasion. According to Russia, the West is causing the heightened tensions, due to the accession of Central and Eastern European countries to NATO in recent decades. Russian President Putin demanded that NATO remove troops from those new Member States this week.