Fireman finds deceased daughter (7) under debris in Miami

The death toll due to the collapse of a Florida apartment complex has risen to twenty. Rescue workers took two deaths from under the debris on Friday. A firefighter on site found his deceased seven-year-old daughter under the rubble.

The number of missing persons has fallen to 128, 17 less than a day earlier.

According to Daniella Levine Cava, Mayor of Miami-Dade, the number of missing persons is constantly fluctuating. When detecting missing people, emergency workers sometimes discover residents who were unknown before and who they dont know where they are now and if they were in the building.

After the work was temporarily shut down on Thursday, the work is now back in full swing. Hurricane Elsa is on its way to South Florida and is likely to land as a tropical storm on Tuesday. Rescuers are trying to get as far as possible before that time. The chances of finding survivors are small. Except shortly after the building collapsed last week, no one was found alive under the rubble.