Fires plaguing Southeast Europe, fire and devastation

In Southeast Europe, the authorities are full of a heat wave and large forest fires. In Turkey, Greece and Italy, people were injured, houses destroyed, and tourists and residents had to be evacuated. An overview of the fires in view.

In Italy, the fire brigade ripped out more than 800 times last weekend for fires in Sicily (250) and in Apulia and Calabria (130). Homes and beach resorts have been evacuated. In Sicily the last weekend grew 45 degrees. โ€œIn Italy, of course, it‘s hot more often. But those outliers above 40 degrees are really exceptional,โ€ says correspondent Heleen D’Haens.

In parts of Greece, it may be 44 or 45 degrees in the coming days. The fire brigade has called on people to evacuate because the fires are feared to expand. Meteorologists are already talking about a โ€œhistoric heat waveโ€.

In Turkey, most forest fires are now under control. They did a lot of damage: 95,000 hectares of forest has been destroyed and people had to be evacuated by sea. The European Commission has provided assistance and speaks in a declaration of โ€œunprecedented forest firesโ€.