Fireworks bomb explodes in apartment apartment Alphen, several houses cleared

In the event of an explosion of a heavy fireworks bomb in an apartment in Alphen aan den Rijn, the resident was seriously injured, reports the fire department.

On investigation at the apartment, the police found explosive material. โ€œThe EOD arrives at the scene to defuse this,โ€ said the fire department.

The first two floors of the flat have been cleared. Reception is arranged for the residents. According to the fire department, there is a lot of damage on the first floor of the building, although the building itself seems stable.

The area has been cordoned, reports Broadcasting West. According to the security region, its very busy with bystanders at the flat. โ€œDont come here, theres nothing to see and youre putting your own health at risk. Even now, its still coronatijd. At the reception location we are also alert to that.โ€