First 800 people move into new tent camp on Lesbos

Four days after the devastating fire in the Moria migrant camp, the first 800 people moved into the new tent camp. The temporary camp was set up by the Greek army to shelter the migrants who had become homeless.

The camp now has room for 5 000 people, not enough for the more than 12 000 people who now live on the streets of Lesvos. The camp is therefore being further expanded.

Many people refuse to move into the new, temporary tent camp. They fear that once they are in the camp, they will no longer be allowed out. In Moria they were free to leave the camp.

On Lesbos it is still restless. Many migrants demonstrate against the arrival of the new camp:

In order to break up the resistance, the Greek Minister for Migration announced that people would not be entitled to an asylum procedure if they did not go to the newly established camp. The migrants in the old Moria camp also had little prospect of this.


“There will only be asylum procedures for those who are in the camp,” said Greek Minister Mitarakis on Greek radio. According to the Minister, the people who are now resisting are the same group that set the fires.

Since the fires in the Moria camp, thousands of people have been sleeping outside, in porches or along the roadside for nights. Human rights organisations are warning of rising tensions between the refugees, local residents and the police.

This happened last week when Lesvos residents blocked the road with trucks