First American state prohibits sexual treatment young child

As the first American state, Arkansas prohibits hormone treatments or surgeries for minors who do not recognize themselves in their own sex.

The governor of Arkansas had recently vetoed the law. He thought it was too much interference by the authorities. But a majority of parliament in the Christian and Conservative Southern state decided to reject the governors objection.

Critics talk about the latest example of the conservative offensive in the United States against transgender people. Civil rights movement ACLU denounces the step and talks about a discriminatory crusade against trans youngsters.

At the same time, worldwide criticism of the advanced Western treatment of children with dysphoria, the feeling that they have a different sex. They are sometimes more of a benefit from psychological help.

The Economist spoke with more than forty transgender people, parents, doctors, scientists and gender activists, and found that sometimes there is suffering behind the treatments. While some teenagers are still happy with the treatment afterwards, others regret it. Back is hardly an option. For the usefulness of sexual treatment is hardly decent scientific evidence.


least sixteen other states are considering similar legislation in the US.