First blockbuster in the bios since the corona crisis has already yielded $100 million

Tenet, the first major Hollywood film to be released in cinemas since the corona crisis, has exceeded the 100 million dollar mark in tickets sold worldwide. For many cinemas, Tenet was a test of whether audiences still dare to go to the cinema in large numbers.

The science fiction film was originally scheduled to be released in mid-July, but this was postponed a number of times because many countries still have strict coronavirus measures in place. In the end, distributor Warner Bros. decided to first release the film in Europe.

In the Netherlands, director Christopher Nolan’s film has been screened in 160 theatres since 26 August. He raised 2.3 million euros here so far, according to figures from Film Distributors Netherlands.

Since 3 September, the film has also been shown in the United States, in places where cinema screenings have not been banned in connection with a corona outbreak. One day later, Tenet also premiered in China.

James Bond

The U.S. and China are among the world’s largest markets for films. The 100 million that Tenet has already raised without those two countries is therefore seen by the film industry as a big boost. That’s why delayed blockbusters like the new James Bond film No Time To Die and superhero films Black Widow and Wonder Woman 1984 are more likely to be released in cinemas later this year.

With the 100 million tickets sold, the film is not yet out of print. It is estimated that it cost 200 million dollars to make Tenet, excluding marketing costs. According to experts, the film should yield 400 to 500 million dollars to make a profit, writes.