First bodies buried after truck drama Texas

In Mexico, the first migrants who died last month in a truck in the U.S. state of Texas have been buried. This week, the first bodies were repatriated to their native Mexico after the US police performed section.

In the small town of Atexquilapan in the Mexican state of Veracruz, more than a hundred mourners gathered to say goodbye to three teenage victims: two brothers aged 19 and 16 and their nephew, also 16 years old. They had joined the truck in the hope of finding work.

Services were held in the state of Oaxaca for three other Mexican migrants. Their family tells Reuters news agency that their patience has been tested in recent weeks. โ€œThis is what we were waiting for, this is what weve been asking for all along,โ€ said the brother of one of the victims.

Deadliest smuggling drama

The 53 bodies were discovered in an abandoned truck in the US city of San Antonio on June 27. They were killed due to overheating. It is the deadliest human smuggling incident in American history.

There was no water and air conditioning and the temperature in the truck had risen to about 40 degrees. 14 people survived.

The victims are migrants who had been smuggled across the border from Mexico. They are originally from Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador. It is planned that the other bodies will also be repatriated in the coming days.

A 45-year-old man has been arrested for driving the truck. He risks the death penalty.