First Chamber supports constitutional ban on discrimination on disability or sexuality

A large majority of the House is in favour of a constitutional amendment which explicitly prohibits discrimination on grounds of disability or sexual orientation. An initiative proposal by D66, GroenLinks and PvdA was adopted by 58 votes to 15.

Article 1 of the Constitution now prohibits discrimination on grounds of religion, belief, political orientation, race, sex or on any grounds whatsoever. The initiators want disability and sexual orientation to be anchored in this list.

The PVV, SGP and the Van Pareren Group (which joined JA21) voted against. Forum for Democracy was not present at the vote.

In order to actually amend the Constitution, the same proposal must be approved once again by both the Lower House and the First Chamber after the elections on 17 March. Then a two-thirds majority is needed.


is a great chance of this, because there is broad support on both sides of the Binnenhof. Moreover, the composition of the Senate does not change after the Second Chamber elections.


Contributor COC calls the outcome of the vote a great victory for LHBTI-persons. The explicit reference of sexual orientation in the constitutional article sees the COC as a better guarantee against discrimination.

President Astrid Oosenbrug sees it as ‘a task to promote, for example, the government tackles violence against IHBTI’.