First debate new Chamber about a memo that accidentally came on the picture

The first day of the new House of Representatives has everything to be exciting. One of the first actions of the new MPs will be a debate about the failed formation and the explosive memo that was made public less than a week ago by a mistake.

It was a while to wait for ex-scout Ollongrens corontest, but her test was negative this morning, so she can attend the debate today. According to various groups, the debate should make it clear once and for all who wrote the list of position Omtzigt, position elsewhere .

Ollongren could not suspect on Thursday that her hasty passage from the Binnenhof to her service car would have so many consequences. Just before that, she had received a positive result of a corontest she had done, because she had been in the Council of Ministers five days earlier with the infected Secretary of State Keijzer.

Ollongren (D66, demissionary Minister of the Interior) was photographed during her departure with a pile of papers under her arm. They were the notes with which she wanted to enter the second round reconnaissance talks together with fellow explorer Jorritsma (VVD, group chairman of the First Chamber). VVD leader Rutte and D66 leader Kaag were on the program that day.

Points 2nd round VVD and D66

An A4tje with the headline Atendachtpoints 2e ronde VVD and D66 appeared to be clearly legible in the picture and indicated that somewhere at the Binnenhof someone had written down โ€œposition Omtzigt, function elsewhereโ€. There was also some about the negotiating style of CDA leader Hoekstra and his possible position in the next cabinet. There was also a rule about the left-wing parties that would โ€œnot really hold onโ€ each other, contrary to what at least the PvdA and GroenLinks said for months.

It led to the two resignation and to the appointment of two new scouts, the demissionary ministers Van Ark and Great Tit. But the cold over the four words dedicated to Omtzigt was therefore not out of the sky. Omtzigt has been a much-discussed member of parliament for months. He just lost De Jonges lead election, became number 2 on the candidate list and remained so when Hoekstra took over the position of De Jonge. Right now, hes at home overworked.

Omtzigt has announced that he will come to The Hague for his installation, but he will not be present at the debate:

In recent years, the CDA person has played the leading role in getting the payment affair out, one of the reasons why he received many preferential votes in the last elections. So popular in the country – so popular that there was a support march – but not with everyone in The Hague. Within his own party, Omtzigt is not always flattering and Ollongrens paper at least suggests that, according to some, Omtzigt should seek salvation โ€œelsewhereโ€.

But who in the reconnaissance process finds Omtzigt such a pain in the ass? That question has been raised for days. It was suggested that the officials who support the scouts might have come up with it themselves. The new explorers said that all kinds of sources were used โ€œincluding newspaper reports, talk showsโ€.

The former scouts contradicted this last Monday in a letter. โ€œWe are happy to take away this previously unintentionally aroused suggestion.โ€ In the letter Ollongren and Jorritsma take the blame entirely. โ€œThere are only two people responsible for the existence and content of the memo, and thats us.โ€

Frequently heard suggestion

The two also write: None of the group chairmen have spoken to us about Mr Omtzigt. That was a common suggestion: the Omtzigt remark will come from the discussions of the explorers with the newly elected group chairmen. But not, according to Ollongren and Jorritsma. And the three group chairmen who are closely involved, Rutte, Kaag and Hoekstra, also deny having spoken to the explorers about the CDA.

This should be clarified, said PVV leader Wilders earlier:

Moreover, the admission of guilt of the former scouts was insufficient for the opposition. Parties want to know more about the whodunnit and they want to know why elected MPs are spoken at all during the exploration of a coalition.

โ€œ All in all, this is very inappropriateโ€, the ex-scouts recognize in their letter. โ€œThis should not have happened, because it is not up to scouts to interfere in possible human affairs.โ€ But why did they do it anyway? They will be asked in the debate.

What will probably not remain undiscussed is Ruttes initial reaction. On the day that the objected photo was taken, he suggested to a CCITET microphone that there would be no clarification on the note. โ€œNo ones going to explain this.โ€ thoseruling made eyebrows frown, because as a demissionary Prime Minister, he is not about the formation process of the Chamber. And that turned out, because there will be a debate.

For example, VVD leader/demissionary Prime Minister Rutte said:

In the Chamber debate, Rutte, freshly installed as a member of parliament, will speak himself (read in this article from 2017 how a demissionary prime minister can also be a member of parliament). Party leaders Kaag van D66 and Hoekstra of the CDA also represent their group in plenary. For both, it is the first debate as a member of parliament. Incidentally, whether the debate will actually be held this afternoon is not entirely certain. After installing the new Chamber, the agenda has yet to be formally adopted.


is possible that the new explorers Van Ark and Great Tit will be able to start their mission after the debate, provided that the Houses confidence in the formation process has been restored. The two have already announced that they will start all over again and invite all 17 group chairmen once again for a discussion.