First divisionist NEC will deal with Fortuna in extension and continue to repent

NEC has placed itself at the expense of Fortuna Sittard for the quarter-finals of the KNVB Cup. The number six of the first division was completed in the extension with the number eleven of the first division: 3-2.

In the uneventful first half Fortuna was clearly the parent party, but this hardly led to played out opportunities. Among others Lisandro Semedo (volley over the goal), Emil Hansson (slider in the hands of the goalkeeper) and Samuel Moutoussamy (simple rescue of the goalkeeper) could not make the NEC goalkeeper Mattijs Branderhorst difficult.

Just before rest, Moutoussamy was given the greatest chance to shoot the visitors ahead. The midfielder seemed to be able to tap into the ball easily, but his bet went off in a miraculous way. โ€œWe had full control, but created too littleโ€, Fortuna trainer Sjors Ultee summed up the first half.

Good Incision Flemming

With fresh forces Mats Seuntjens and Zian Flemming in the team, Fortuna Sittard managed to create more danger in the second half. Branderhorst was barely able to stop a shot by Seuntjens, but at Flemming‘s deployment a little later the goalkeeper was without a chance.

NEC, which had hardly come to the goal of Fortuna goalkeeper Alexei Koselev in the first half, bit more away after rest. Although the Nijme owners did not create many opportunities, they did reach equal levels, thanks to a goal by Rangelo Janga.

With the 1-1 on the scoreboard, both teams chose the attack, but both NEC and Fortuna did not score in the regular playing time, resulting in an extension.

Goal-rich extension

The home team was given an excellent opportunity to get ahead early in the extension, after the ball was put on the spot by referee Kevin Blom. Jordy Bruijn stood behind the ball and shot the penalty shovel flawlessly.

Invaller Thomas Beekman made it 3-1 a few minutes later, but in the first half of the extension Flemming brought back the tension in the race. However, NEC held up and, thanks to the 3-2 victory, placed itself for the quarter-finals of the KNVB Cup tournament.

โ€œ After Fortuna’s 1-0, we took over the match and I think we finally wonโ€, NEC trainer Rogier Meijer analyzed the match. โ€œThis is good for our trust and it‘s a bonus that we’re going to play the quarterfinals.โ€