First election debate marked by fierce discussions on the fight against corona

The first election debate in the run-up to the Second Chamber elections, organized by the Dagblad van een Noorden, the Leeuwarder Courant and the Friesch Dagblad, resulted in a fierce discussion on the fight against the coronavirus and the nitrogen crisis.

Among other things, the PVV and the PvdA blame the demissionary cabinet for a lax and slow approach to the fight against corona.

According to PVV leader Wilders, Dutch care capacity, especially hospitals, remains far behind those in countries such as Germany, Belgium and France. โ€œIts too embarrassing for words. There is a kind of worry, and those cuts have been made by the VVD under its rule.โ€

Wilders also denounced vaccination policy, in which only as many people have been vaccinated in the Netherlands as mid-December in the United Kingdom.

Too late and too slow

Sophie Hermans, the number three on the VVD list, replaced Prime Minister Rutte who had to attend the Cabinet deliberations on the coronacrisis. She said โ€œsucks too.โ€ โ€œBut,โ€ she said, โ€œnow there is plenty of vaccination.โ€

The PvdA also criticized the Cabinets fight against coronas. โ€œThe way out of this crisis is to vaccinate, vaccinate, vaccinate. Its all too late and too slow,โ€ said leader Ploumen.

CDAer Omtzigt, who replaced leader Hoekstra, spoke out for his party mate Hugo de Jonge, who, as Minister of Health, plays a leading role in tackling the virus.

Evaluate retrospectively

In fierce words, he made it clear that he had nothing to do with โ€œconstantly chopping as hard as possibleโ€ on cabinet policy. โ€œThe one who claims here that in a national crisis a straightforward exit strategy is the way out, sells tubers for lemons,โ€ he said in the direction of PVV leader Wilders.

According to Omtzigt, that persistent harsh criticism is inappropriate. He called for โ€œto show a little respectโ€ for those who โ€œreally do their bestโ€. โ€œThen we will evaluate afterwardsโ€, Omzigt stated.

For the Nordic Listtrekkersdebat, eight parties were invited, based on their scores in the polls. The list tractors Kaag, Rutte and Hoekstra were replaced by Rob Jetten, Hermans and Omtzigt. Segers (ChristenUnie), Ploumen (PvdA), Marijnissen (SP), Klaver (GroenLinks) and Wilders (PVV) participated.

Another theme in the debate was the future of farmers in the Netherlands and the nitrogen crisis. D66 leader Jetten said that the awkward but unavoidable discussion about the profound changes in the management of farmers should now be conducted.

This led to a collision with, among others, Wilders and coalition colleague CDA, who believe that D66 is too much to scare the farmers with statements about the herd that should be halved.

Green Left leader Klaver, in turn, was disappointed in the Christian Union, which, according to him, is not doing enough against the power of customers. They do not give farmers a fair price for their products, suggested Klaver. Segers defence was precisely the Christian Union in recent years with all kinds of proposals to improve the position of farmers.

Let as many children as possible pass

Furthermore, it was noticed that Christian Union leader Segers said at the request that politics should put โ€œeverything in allโ€ in order to ensure that as many children as possible can simply pass over. Remarkable, because his own Christian Union minister Slob said at the end of last week that students should take into account that they can also stay seated.

Clover caught Segers. Many children are lagging behind by digital distance learning. Clover believes that every effort should be made to make up for those delays in the coming years.