First footage of new animated series in Star Trek universe has emerged

The authors of a new animated series in the Star Trek universe presented the first footage of the upcoming project. The story follows a group of six members of various alien races who find an abandoned Starfleet ship. They have to learn how to manage the vessel and survive the various dangers that will meet them on their way.

This should be helped by the character Catherine Janeway of Star Trek: Voyager, who will appear here as a hologram assistant โ€” the heroine is voiced by Kate Mulgrew, performing the role in the original. For the first time in the franchise, the main participants in the story will be only aliens โ€” without humans among them.

Kevin and Dan Hagerman (โ€œTroll Huntersโ€) are responsible for creating the project, with release slated for this year. More on Game In Halo Infinite, old battle passes will stay in the game โ€” you can even buy Origami Platformer A Tale of Paper will be released on RS and Beta Babylon consoles ; s Fall in 720p required Intel i5 and GTX 1060.