First general practitioners this weekend vaccinated against coronavirus

General practitioners and some of their employees will be vaccinated against the coronavirus from this weekend. The Landelijke Huisartsen Vereniging (LHV) reports that the first regions start on Friday evening or Saturday morning. General practitioners and qualified GP staff can get their first prick from a hospital in their region. A total of 23 hospitals have been designated to vaccinate some 15,000 people from the profession.

In addition to general practitioners, the vaccine is available to doctors in training, nursing specialists, so-called physician assistants and drivers of general practitioners who perform โ€œa vital functionโ€ in the care of COVID-19 patients. The medics receive an invitation for the inoculation, they do not have to register themselves. They‘re getting the coronavaccin from the American Moderna.

In about half of the hospitals involved, vaccinations will start this weekend, the rest will follow later. The start is made in the western Randstad (Rotterdam, The Hague, Leiden, Gouda, Dordrecht), Northern Netherlands, the region around Zwolle and Twente.

Much has been done about the vaccination of general practitioners. For a while, it seemed that the doctors had to wait longer, while they had agreed with Minister Hugo de Jonge (Public Health) that they would be given priority. That’s what the LHV was indignant about. At the beginning of this week, general practitioners made new agreements on rapid vaccination with the ministry. De Jonge called it partly because of the advent of the extra-contagious British variant of the virus โ€œof great importance that we can maintain general medical emergency careโ€.

When the appointment was announced on Monday, the Ministry and the LHV reported that the general practitioners would be vaccinated within two weeks.

For adequate protection against the virus, two doses are needed. This is also the case with the other vaccine approved for use in the EU, from PFIZER/BionTech.