First goal after intensive care admission: ‘I had to think of my mother most of all’

Elton Kabangu had a personal lovely Saturday night. He lost with his Willem II or 4-1 at AZ, but the fact that he was allowed to make the goal was the story of the evening.
The attacker of the Tricolores was in intensive care for a long time with the coronavirus and got his first base place in Alkmaar for a long time. The fact that he also scored makes for a big smile at Kabangu. โ€œMy first goal after a long and difficult time,โ€ he realizes in conversation with ESPN. โ€œThis is a really nice evening for me.โ€
After his goal, a lot went through him. โ€œI mainly had to think about my mother. She has supported me a lot. It hasnt been easy for her and I had to think about her after I scored. All those people who helped me during that time, it all shot through my head. It was an indescribable feeling.โ€

Elton Kabangu is in front of the camera with a double feel. He scored today after a very difficult period and his thoughts went out to his mother.โ€ She supported me hardโ€
โ€” ESPN NL (@ESPNnl) December 18, 2021