First hearings impeachment Trump over two weeks

The first hearings in the impeachment trial against former President Trump are in the week of 8 February. That is the result of a compromise between the Republicans and the Democrats.

The Democrats in Congress wanted to start the process sooner. The Republicans opposed Trump being given enough time to prepare his defense and argued for mid-February.

Next Monday, the Democrats will submit the necessary documents. This will officially initiate the impeachment procedure.

Democratic leader Schumer pointed out in the Senate that the defense and prosecutors then have two weeks to prepare for the first hearings. During this period, the Senate could focus on other important issues, such as the appointment of new cabinet members and the Corona Aid Package announced by President Biden.

Enciting violence

The impeachment procedure is started because Trump was alleged in a speech on 6 January to incite the violence that stormed the Capitol. He can no longer be deposed, but there may be political consequences: this may prevent him from becoming president again.