First Hong konger convicted under new security law

A Hong Kong has been found guilty of terrorism and inciting separatism (separation). It is the first conviction under the new controversial security law imposed by the Chinese Communist regime on the former British colony of Hong Kong last year. The Hong Kong will hear his punishment at a later date. It could be life long.

The convicted Tong Ying kit (24) drove his motorcycle on riot police officers a year ago, three of whom were injured. He had a protest flag with the slant to free Hong Kong. He was also charged with dangerous driving behaviour. The judges left this out of consideration. Tong argued on July 1, the day the new law came into effect.

More than 120 people have now been arrested under the guise of the internationally criticized security law, including media entrepreneur Jimmy Lai and pro-democratic activists. More than half have been sued. Beijing wants to strengthen its grip on Hong Kong by law. The Security Act prohibits state-undermining activities, terrorism, the pursuit of independence and foreign interference.

The Human Rights Organization Amnesty International (AI) calls the condemnation of Tong an ominous moment for human rights in Hong Kong. The verdict underlines the โ€œsoberingโ€ fact that expressing certain political opinions in the city is now officially a crime, possibly punished by life imprisonment, AI said in a statement: โ€œThis feels like the beginning of the end for freedom of expression in Hong Kong. People should be free to use political slogans during protests, and Tong Ying kit should not be punished for exercising his right to free speech.โ€