First hospitals spread patients again to coronadress

The number of corona patients in hospitals is continuing to increase. “In one region”, patients were moved to other hospitals because it was getting too crowded. This is reported by Ernst Kuipers, chairman of the National Acute Care Network. It is the first time in months that this is happening. It is not known which regions are involved. Patients have not yet been transferred to other parts of the country.

Hospitals now treat a total of 245 patients because of the coronavirus, five more than on Tuesday. This is the highest number since the end of June. In just over a week, the number of patients admitted has risen by more than a hundred.

There are currently 54 corona patients in the intensive care units, one more than on Tuesday. The number of corona patients on nursing wards rose from 187 to 191.

The number still compares sharply with the coronavirus peak earlier this year. At the end of March, beginning of April, there were more than a hundred ICUs per day. That is now an average of four according to the governments corona dashboard. This shows that there are on average sixteen admissions a day in the hospital; an increase, because at the beginning of July the number was still around 2 to 3, but less than the peak of 597 admissions at the beginning of April.

In addition to the 54 corona patients, there are currently 646 people with other conditions at the intensive care units, 45 more than on Tuesday. In total, therefore, ICUs are treating 700 patients, the highest number since 30 May.