First insurer to include cybercrime in standard contents insurance

From Tuesday, people with Aon household contents insurance will be insured against cybercrime such as online identity theft and digital hostage-taking. The insurer will include it in the standard policy.

This makes it the first provider in the Netherlands where you do not need to take out additional insurance to protect yourself against online theft. Some 157,000 households have household contents insurance with Aon.

With this decision, the insurer wants to respond to the increase in cybercrime and the decrease in burglaries, among other things. The Safety Monitor of Statistics Netherlands (CBS) shows that the Dutch have increasingly become victims of cyber crime in recent years. The number of incidents increased even more sharply during the corona crisis.

The insurer writes in a statement that “the times when a burglar stood with a crowbar at the back door at night are largely over”. The insurance provides coverage of up to 5000 euros per year for people who have fallen victim to digital crime. The insurer also offers a helpline for people who want to seek advice.