First lady Melania Trump sets a mild tone at Republican convention

On the second day of the Republican Convention, Melania Trump set a milder tone. She emphasized unity, while the convention has so far been dominated by an apocalyptic message. “In my husband, you have a president who will not stop fighting for you and your family,” said the president’s wife. “He won’t give up.”

Yesterday, the president himself took the floor at the convention. “If our opponents win, no one is safe in our country,” he said. At the convention, several speakers delivered apocalyptic messages. If the Democrats came to power, the country would slip into chaos, anarchy and lawlessness.

In her speech, Melania Trump emphatically did not address the Democrats, but instead tried to strike a conciliatory tone:

Referring to the racial unrest in America, she called for an end to violence and said that people should not condemn each other on the basis of the colour of their skin.

Her speech was under a magnifying glass because after the last convention she was accused of plagiarizing speeches made by the previous president’s wife Michelle Obama.


Trump himself pardoned a criminal who has improved his life on the second day of the convention and attended a naturalization ceremony in which five immigrants from different ethnic backgrounds swore allegiance to the U.S.

Other speakers took a less conciliatory tone. Trumps son Eric, just like other speakers yesterday, lashed out at Democratic candidate Joe Biden who “knows nothing about the American worker or American companies”. He also said that China would walk all over Biden and that his election and “a huge relief for terrorists” would be.

Speaker deleted

It was noteworthy that at the last minute a speaker was cut off. Mary Anne Mendoza, the mother of a policeman who died in a car accident involving an immigrant in 2014, was scrapped because she had spread anti-Semitic conspiracy theories on Twitter

It was painful for Trump who, with his pro-Israeli politics, wants to win the votes of evangelical Christians. It was Mendoza’s intention to praise Trump’s strict anti-migration policy in her contribution.