First Metro analysis: Exodus for Xbox Series shows trade-offs for rayracing

Digital Foundry has already had time to get to know Metro: Exodus for Xbox Series โ€” the nextgen version features the use of reyracing when aiming at 60 fps. A key feature of the extended version of the shooter was global lighting through ray tracing, which is very different from what was on the 2019 release on RS โ€” which is why in May for computers came out of a separate client-only ride-hailing. As Alex Batalha of DF points out, two years ago, he wouldn‘t have believed that a couple of years later, an RT-lit game would be on consoles, but six months after the release of the PS5 and Xbox The series is the same.

However, serious compromises had to be made in order to achieve this result: Tessellation on consoles disabled Expanded and volumed wool turned off Standard Reflection Reflections (although on PC they work in tandem with SSR) Xbox Series X has a lot of artifacts due to the reytracing lighting. Note the far background โ€” on PC it’s dimmed, and on Xbox Series X is light.

Resolution on new consoles are also noticeably lower: Xbox One X is an honest 4K Xbox Series X โ€” 1080r-1728p (average about 1296p) Xbox Series S โ€” 512p-1080p (1080p is rarely achieved). The Xbox Series S version on some locations like Tyga looks very soapy.

In addition to the basic resolution, the picture is fine-tuned by a local upsciler, but due to the low resolution on Series S, the image would be covered with grain โ€” peculiar artifacts of an upsciler. Also on Xbox Series S, there‘s a big problem with the appearance of objects โ€” they literally materialize in front of their eyes.

This is particularly noticeable on the desert location when grass and rocks are constantly subloaded. However, there is really good news โ€” 4A Games has managed to achieve a fairly stable 60 frames per second thanks to all the trade-offs.

Downfalls happen, but they are either not particularly noticeable or not much interfered. For playing with global coverage via reytracing, this is a very strong result.

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