FIRST — new single survival simulator in post-apocalypse setting

Last month, developers from Survgames studio announced their survival simulator FIRST. The game takes place in the open world after the global apocalypse. The main character is the only surviving representative and hope for the future of humanity.

In search of answers about the end of the world, players will meet an injured dog, which in return for the help received will become the only friend of the protagon. Together with his four-legged companion players will have to Travel through irradiated deserts, destroyed cities and ruins of civilization, discovering the history of the last days of humanitys existence.

On the way players will meet dangerous creatures. The dog will help to avoid battle by warning of danger, or defeat monsters in battle.

Also, the authors promise extensive mechanisms of survival and crafting, and search for resources will help the same four-legged friend. The release date of FIRST is still unknown, and in the list of platforms – only Steam.

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