First official autumn storm since 2017 a fact

In Hoek van Holland an average wind speed of 9 Bft. was measured between 20.00 and 21.00, Weeronline reports. This is officially the first autumn storm of this year. The storm, which has been named Odette, is even the first autumn storm since 2017

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the heaviest gust of wind so far measured in Hoek van Holland and amounted to 114 km/h. In Hoek van Holland there was even a temporary wind force 10. The storm in the southwest of the country continues for a few hours.

The first autumn storm is earlier than usual this year. On average, it comes only mid-October. Not every year we experience an official autumn storm in the Netherlands. It is customary that once every five to six years it does not come to a storm in meteorological autumn.

The last time it came to an autumn storm in our country was on October 29, 2017, when it stormed precisely during the start of winter time. In the previous two autumn seasons, 2018 and 2019, it did not come to a storm. Two years in a row no autumn storm is very exceptional. The last time this happened was in 1994 and 1995.

In the autumn of 2017 it also hit storm on 13 September and on 5 October. In 2016 it came to the first and only autumn storm on November 20.