First Outriders players for server problems to get gifts from People Can Fly

People Can Fly will soon give all the first players Outriders gifts – so developers want to try to smooth out the first impressions after ongoing problems with servers. To get a weighty bonus you need only at least once to enter the game before April 11. The gift, by the way, will receive only one character on the account – the hero of the highest level.

. In addition, the present will be handed to those affected by the bug with the removal of inventory.

In total, users will receive three items: Legendary weapon of a suitable level Suitable for hero level quantity Titan Emotion โ€œFrustrationโ€ – until it can‘t be obtained in any way otherwise. As the developers note, the coincidence of emotions with the situation is accidental, though ironic.

In the rest, People Can Fly actively works to solve all problems and bugs, including servers. Outriders came out on April 1 and became a surprise hit Steam, showing the best start in terms of the number of players for Square Enix โ€” the peak online is almost 4 times more than last year’sโ€ The Avengersโ€.

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