First part of horror trilogy ‘Street of Fear’ released on Netflix

Netflix hosted the release of the first part of the Street of Fear trilogy, which was based on the works of writer Robert Lawrence Stein. The overall plot of the films is about the town of Shadeside, where various terrible events take place over the centuries, and it is very difficult to find explanations for which. The action of each of the pieces unfolds in a different time period and tells a separate story related to the very location of the action.

In the first painting, the court reigns in 1994, and the center of the story is a group of tineyjers who understand that a series of terrible accidents are in some way linked to the citys past, and they themselves can prove to be the next target of the local maniac. The second film will take place in 1978 and the third in 1666.

Lee Janyak (Scream TV series) is directed and co-written by all the tapes. The second film will be released on July 9 and the third on the 16th.

The first part is available with dubbing and subtitles. More on Ghiromania Now We Know All The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD Authors Shadow Warrior Announce Space Punks Mobile AR Game by Witcher ; will be released July 21.