First reaction from Ajax camp after CL fiasco: Were all here together

Steven Berghuis doesn‘t know where to look for it after Ajax’s severe punishment in the Champions League. The Amsterdammers went down hard against SSC Napoli in front of their own audience: 1-6.
โ€œYou‘re disappointed, frustrated. That’s how you had great evenings, now you just get it from a good Napoli,โ€ says Berghuis at RTL7. โ€œWe also gave away a few childish goals ourselves. Well, 1-6 is way too much. How to proceed? you‘re watching these matches right now. The other matches have a different story. Napoli has made it clear to us that the level must be raised. We’re all in here. We just weren‘t good enough, Napoli unfortunately outclassed us.โ€
Berghuis is asked what the difference is with last year, when Ajax flourished so much under Erik ten Hag. โ€œIt doesn’
t make much sense to compare with last year either, although I understand the question. This is the group we are going to do it with, a group with many qualities. We delivered good matches, not today.โ€
โ€œEnough quality? Yes, I‘m sure, but that’s hard to tell after tonight. This is not Ajax-worthy, Napoli played brilliantly. This is soccer, you have to be a big boy.โ€