First response from Orange camp after exit: “Its very painful”

The disappointment dropped after Georginio Wijnaldums face. The captain of the Dutch team was completely defeated after the fight against the Czech Republic. The European Championship is on the Netherlands.
After the last whistle, wine aldum was given the chance to search for words. He then reported to Decceit. The goals we give away, the opportunities we didn
t finish. Thats all going through you. Impotence? After the red card. It became harder to put pressure. If we had the ball, we wouldnt get out either.
It was very difficult. We didnt handle their way of pressing and the opportunities we got, Wijnaldum analyzes. That went better in the first half. In the second half we got a good chance we didnt have. We dont pay attention once that gave us red. It got hard then.
The sentiment seemed to tilt after the group games, but now the Orange gets full low again. This is crazy. I felt like we were growing in the tournament. Before we started the European Championship, there was a lot of criticism of the playing mode and things like that, but in the group phase we tilted it. But today was an offday. It
s very painful and hard. But thats reality.

🗣️ It was very laborious. Goals we give away, opportunities we dont finish. Thats all going through you now. Thus a disappointed captain.
—CCEit Sports (@ CCEitSport) June 27, 2021