First results Uganda indicate victory President Museveni

With 29 percent of the votes counted, President Museveni of Uganda is leading the race for the presidency of his country.

According to the press agency AP, he received about 63 percent of the number of votes counted. His main opponent, the popular singer Bobi Wine, gets stuck at 28 percent. AP is based on grades from the electoral college.

From which polling stations the figures come, it is not clear. Museveni has many following in the countryside. Wine is especially popular among young people in cities.

More than 17 million people were able to vote for a new president yesterday. In the capital Kampala, dozens of people were arrested who wanted to monitor the conduct of the elections. According to Wine, the elections were fraudulent. The electoral committee says he has to come up with evidence for fraud.

Fraud and violence

Wine supporters in particular wanted to check the vote because they suspect that the 76-year-old Museveni is guilty of fraud. The president has been in power since 1986. Museveni is reproined not to tackle the sky-high unemployment and corruption.

โ€œ Despite todays fraud and violence, it looks good,โ€ Wine tweeted, stating that he was sure of the profits.

Museveni has not yet responded to the provisional results. The final result is expected tomorrow. โ€œA large group of young people will be disappointed, with a chance of violence,โ€ said correspondent Elles van Gelder earlier.

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